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The fresh peel of the Mandarin orange is called chen-pi and it comes in big sections.  Initially, this herb has a somewhat sweet and spicy flavor, but tastes bitter as well as pungent afterwards.

Chen-pi is used to alleviate allergies and digestive disorders.

This herb also encloses a chemical that helps to enhance the output of the heart. Sometimes, the herb is also used to treat severe cases of non-purulent mastitis.

It is traditional for :

  • Allergies: In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), chen-pi is widely used to avert as well as cure allergic reactions. Apart from the citrus peel, the complete Mandarin orange may be used to treat such conditions.
  • Diarrhoea, nausea, peptic ulcers and indigestion. Teas prepared with this bitter Mandarin orange peel helps to calm down the soft muscles of the body. This property of the herb has its influence on our digestive system too. Drinking the teas prepared with the bitter orange peel also calms down the soft muscles in the digestive tract and helps them to contain the food in the right place.

In TCM it is used for

  • Regulates Qi, improves transportive function of the spleen, relieves diaphragm - epigastric/abdominal distention, fullness, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting (promotes movement of qi in general; specifically directing it downward - good for different types of nausea/vomiting).
  • Important herb for drying dampness and the transformation of phlegm - coughs with stifling sensation in the chest/diaphragm, and copious viscous sputum 


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