Pau D'’arco - Tabebuia spp. (Weight:100g)

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Pau d'arco is a great herb that has many functions. It is best known for its potent anti fungal activity and its cancer protective activity. 

- Anti inflammatory
- Anti fungal
- Preventative during cold and flu season
- Effective blood purifier
- Stimulates production of red blood cells
- Antioxidant
- Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial
- Anti tumour
- Analgesic
- Fights parasites
- Speeds skin wound healing 


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P'au D'arco

16 March 2015
The health benefits of P'au D'arco are significant enough for me to not want to run out of it, especially around the time of my monthly period. Since I have been drinking p'au darco tea I have noticed my usually bloated stomach(especially by the end of the day) has disappeared. My skin appears to be clearer and my monthly bleed flows clearer minus some clotting I used to experience. I also don't have the tenderness or swollen breasts that were apparent two weeks before my monthly bleed. I recommend drinking filtered water as well as tea so as not to dehydrate.

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